Anyone for BioEconomy?

This meeting is related to the HUGO meeting in Montpellier. Here's some information from the organisers:

One of the greatest promises of science today is for the harnessing of living processes for human health, for bioenergy, for environmental remediation, and for food production.

One possibility is that the new bioeonomy will be fundamentally based on genomics, genomic reconstruction, and computational systems biology. This symposium will examine the advancement of such genomic technologies and related bioinformatics platform, related economic opportunities in the internet, reconstruction of new organisms and the unlimited opportunities for enterprises to support discovery, production and services in this arena such as biofuels and genetically engineered food products.

HUGO, OECD and MRC have joined force to analyse this problem and to develop an analytical paper on the topic. This symposium will launch this effort.

If you would like more information, the website is here:

ISHG 2009 Abstracts now on-line

The ISHG09 abstracts have been published in the Ulster Medical Journal, and are now available here.

The reference is: Ulster Med J 2010;79(1):33-42