Complex Trait Analysis of Next Generation Sequence Data Course

July 4-8, 2016
Max Delbrück Center (MDC) for Molecular Medicine
Berlin, Germany

The second annual course on Complex Trait Analysis of Next Generation Sequence Data will be held at the MDC in Berlin from July 4-8, 2016. The goal of the course is to teach course participants both the theory and application of methods to analyze next generation sequence (NGS) data for human complex traits. Attendees will learn how to design studies, call variants from NGS data, analysis of population- and trio- based sequence data and evaluation of variant functionality. Analyses will include performing complex trait rare variant association analysis for population and trio data. Exercises will be carried out using a variety of computer programs (GATK, IGV, Polyphen2, PSEQ, SEQPower, and Variant Association Tools (VAT)). TOPICS will be include: sequence alignment, calling variants from NGS data, quality control of NGS data, association testing framework for quantitative and qualitative traits (fixed effects, random effects and mixed models), rare variant association methods, estimating power and sample size for rare variant association studies, imputation of rare variants and evaluating variant functionality.

The instructors for the course are Suzanne Leal (Baylor College of Medicine) and Michael Nothnagel (University of Cologne).

For additional information, course schedule and application form please
visit the course website:


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