ISHG Council 2012

PRESIDENT: Anne Parle-McDermott (Nutritional Genetics, DCU)
SECRETARY: Derek Morris (Psychiatric Genetics, TCD)

Tony Bjourson (Genetics, UUJ)
Tom Moore (Developmental Genetics, UCC)
Tabib Dabir (Clinical Geneticist, Belfast City Hospital)
Frank Barry (Stem Cells, NUI Galway)
Sean Ennis (Medical Genetics, UCD & NCMG)
Debbie Lambert (Genetic Counsellor,
Children's University Hospital, Temple St.)
Harinder Gill (Consultant in Medical Genetics,
Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children)
Celine Gervin (Cytogeneticist, NI Regional Genetics Centre)
Gianpiero Cavalleri (Population Genetics,
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)
Caitriona King (Diagnostic Molecular Scientist,
NCMG Crumlin).

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